Our Philosophy

At one time or another, we are all faced with adversity.
The challenge is to REBOUND!

Faye is a Breast Cancer Survivor for over 15 years and Jeanne was diagnosed with Breast Cancer in 2010.

Together, the strong willed Survivors, continue to follow their dreams and aspirations

Faye has a background in interior design, with a passion for refurbishment of furniture.  Giving her treasures a new life is just one of her many talents  She has been selling her finds at Flea Markets, Antique stores and Auctions for the past 40 years.

Jeanne loves furniture and all styles. She has created and built furniture to suit her busy modern life.  She moved to Europe and lived in London for 5 years before returning to her beloved California.  Because of her ever-changing life and style, she has gained much experience in reselling and recycling furnishings. She is an avid researcher investing history and lineage of furnishings, knowing every piece has a meaningful story to tell.

Both successful business women  with diverse experience, and a love for decor, decided they would develop a business to support today’s economy and lifestyles.
Our vision is working with people ready for change!

REBOUND.  A perfectly designed Mother/ Daughter Partnership.

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